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murder suspect christopher dorner. just hours before his final stand off with officers in the san bernandino mountains. controversy brewing as alameda county considers the local use of drones. details next. tonight. police
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: waiting for confirmation that the charred remains found in the burned cabin in the san bernandino mountains. do in fact belong to suspected cop killer christopher dorner. this was the scene. where the shootout with authorities led to a fire at the cabin. tonight police are denying claims that the fire was intentionally set. they say, it was caused by tear gas canisters. late this evening. a couple spoke publicly about their ordeal. when they discovered christopher dorner in their cabin. >> he talked to ross, tried to calm us and he said frequently that he would not kill us. that is exactly how he said that. he told us about the man and the boat in the san diego that he was
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not going to kill him. he was the means to the and with them and that is what he wanted from oz, he wanted transportation out of big bear. >> pam: the couple managed to free themselves. then call police, who tracked dorner and the couples car to the second cabin where he held his final standoff. >> a teenage boy murdered in broad daylight. police say, he was stabbed to death in san jose earlier today. this is video of the crime scene. from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. paramedics performed c-p-r on the boy. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the victim was pronounced dead about 15 minutes after they arrived. >> reporter: the san jose police apartment is closing down the area of east julian street. this is near the san jose high school for most of the evening. as it investigates the fifth homicide. the crime scene has expanded because they do not know exactly where the
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teenage boy was stabbed. it is possible that he was stabbed at one location and ran where he was found. 300 block of 21st street. the san jose police department to not have and the suspects or have not released a motive. it is possibly gang related and not releasing whether or not the victim is a student at san jose high school. nonetheless, with a maze of tape or around the area collecting evidence. the corridor was also called on the scene to examine the body. right now, the victim's identity has not been released. the san jose police department is saying that the students were not in any danger and the school was not placed on lockdown. the stabbing happened after school let out. in the san jose, phillipe djegal, kron
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4tonight, a group of more than two dozen people, stood along the sidewalk near north twenty- first street in san jose. they were all holding candles across the street from where the teen boy was killed. many of them students at san jose high school. they were quiet and were there for only about 15 minutes. the group just wanted to pay tribute to the murdered teen. >> controversy is building over the use of what the alameda county sheriff calls. "small unmanned aircraft systems". more popularly called - drones. the subject continues to spark concern locally. over privacy. the sheriff's office is expected to discuss the use of these aerial devices before the alameda county public protection committee. tomorrow. kron 4's reggie kumar joins us in studio. reggie. is there already a timetable on when will the board of supervisors might make a decision on this?
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>> reporter: alameda county supervisor richard valle is the chair of the public protection commitee. he says it all depends on what happens during tomorrow's meeting. the public will be able to weigh in on this contreversial issue. and then the board of supervisors may decide to discuss it. the american civil liberities union is concerned these drones could be used to spy on people in their homes. the american civil liberities union is concerned these drones could be used to spy on people in their homes. supervisor valle. says the alameda county sheriff secured a 34 thousand dollar grant to implment this aerial surviellance program,. he says the sheriff wants to use the unmanned aircraft systems in missing person's plane crashes, and in areas where its difficult for law enforcement to access. the chair of the public protection committee is extremely concerned about these drones violating the fourth amendment. alameda county would be the first county in california to approve a program like this. valle tells me he's not in a rush to make a decision and wants the public to weigh in.
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>> quite honestly i am concerned about the fourth amendment and weather or not this opens the desert war to infringe on those rights. once you've let this cat out of the back or not going to let it in. we have helicopters, when to let this cat out of theif supervisor valle had his way. he would wait to make a decision on this, and let the state legislature or congress ultimately decide the future of drones being used by law enforcement in counties. the city of berkeley is >> a lot of people are saying that this is just a matter of time but we could likely see them domestically. >> according to the supervisor hunters, farmers and we are seeing them of their. >> pam: reggie, thank you. the city of berkeley this
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thithis this is going to be the new home of the latest whole foods market in the bay area. kron four's jeff bush shows you where the new store is going to be located. and how it may affect the surrounding area. >> reporter: the newest whole foods is moving in to this building on tenth street and gilman and the office depot is moving out. the building will get a complete makeover and will feature all the groceries that are expected from whole foods. the store will have around 30,500 square feetwhich is pretty big. and, it's that size that has some people concerned about the increase in traffic in the areawhich already has a walgreens, rei, several restaurants and other businesses nearby. plus, the location is just one block from busy san pablo avenue. you can see the volume of cars that currently use gilman street. that number is sure to grow when the grocery chain opens. this will be the second whole foods market in berkeley city limits. city leaders are happy with the company's decision to move in to town. especially because the store will use the existing buildingplus, about 200 new jobs will be created to staff the new store.
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albany was rumored to be the prefered location for the new store but red tape and public opositon in that small town was too much for the chain to contend with and berkeley was happy to have the new store. this is all part of a bigger plan to develop the gilman district into a sustainable shopping magnet for the city. when all the rentovations are done and the new employees are hired, the new whole foods will be open in this location in early 2014. i'm jeff bush in berkeley, kron four news. >> jacqueline: temperatures in the 40's and mild. we are seeing some fog with reduced visibility. slightly reduced and areas of patchy fog in the north bay. and for tomorrow but it will be warmer overnight. noticeably warmer tomorrow afternoon. if you like today you are going to like tomorrow. i
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will tell you how long this warming trend will last. >> pam: this deadly accident takes the lives of four teenagers and barry bonds is fighting his of obstruction of justice and a detailed look at the troubling past of the man is the main suspect behind kevin collins disappearance. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> pam: today barry bonds' attorney appeared before the court of appeals to argue against his client's conviction for obstruction of justice. it all centers over a court appearance in 2011 and bonds' round about answer to the question if he was ever required to inject himself with a syringe. he was found guilty of obstruction of justice for making intentionally, evasive false, and misleading statements to the grand jury. bonds attorney say prosecutors are miss stating the facts.
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there is no word on when they could issue a decision. >> gary: the 49ers gets a bit of a... and jacqueline it's grossed out [ man ] it's big.
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>> pam: we're learning dan therrian, the main suspect in the disappearance of kevin collins was convicted of a crime against a young boy just three years before kevin went missing. while therrian. was living under the name wayne jackson he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and molesting a seven year old the fisherman's wharf area. allegedly the man unzipped his zipper.told the boy to open his mouth.and had the boy touch his penis.the victim got away. therrien pled guilty to one count of a lewd act on a child under 14 years of age.for which he was sentenced to 85 days in jail and three years probation. >> at castlemont high school in oakland a memorial grows for four students who were recently killed in a tragic car accident.
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three former castlmont students and a former oakland high school student all died monday when their suv rolled over and crashed just outside of bakersfield. a fifth crash victim in current castlemont sophomore survived the fatal incident. a ceremonial dance will take place in their memory during a candle light vigil at castlemont high school on thursday. humboldt county sheriff's recovered a huge weapon stockpile from a 55-acre gerberville property. deputies obtained a warrant to search the property after they arrested a 30-year-old man on a probation violation from earlier gun and marijuana charges. sheriff's located the bulk of the weapons on tuesday stashed in a brush-covered cave on the land. they found: 111 firearms, 170 lbs. of marijuana, and call thousand dollars in cash with semi- automatic rifles. they think that the weapons and the
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drugs were destined to be sold illegally. they are hoping that and now, these will not end up on the black market. >> the mother of one of the speed freak victims has filed a lawsuit against a san joaquin sherrif involved in the search for her daughter. joan shelly says one of the sherrifs operating a backhoe was exhuming the remains of her daughter, joann hobson. he is accused of chopping up and co-mingling her bones with those of other victims whose remains were recovered in linden last year. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for negligence and emotional distress. the sheriff has since asked the f-b-i to handle the search for additional victims. >> new developments in the richmond refinery fire. government investigators say today. chevron knew the pipe that leaked and fed the fire last year. should have been replaced. a report issued by the chemical safety board found. the decades old, 8-inch steel pipe ruptured due to corrosion.
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a board chairperson says, the pipe should have been replaced years earlier. the investigation into what caused the refinery fire is ongoing. so far, chevron has been fined nearly one - million dollars. >> a 5-thousand dollar reward up for grabs! it is being offered by the a-t-f for the arrest and conviction of the suspect behind the arson of this senior housing complex in west oakland. it was under construction at the time. the fire burned for hours and even melted nearby bart tracks. authorities hope the money will be an incentive for someone to come forward and help close this 8 month department. >> new hamshire democrat senator-- patrick leahy wants the government to give same sex, married couples
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the same immigration benefits that heterosexual couples now enjoy. leahy introduced the uniting families act-- a bill that would provide spousal immigration benefits to same sex couples. he discussed the bill briefly during a senate judiciary committee hearing on immigration reform. because the federal government does not currently recognize same sex marriages, gay u-s citizens cannot sponsor their partners for immigration benefits, including green cards. >> jacqueline: if you like today you will enjoy the next couple of days for to tomorrow and friday. and with fog but it sunny skies and a quick warm up. let us take a look at the fog. the patchy fog and that delta and through the peninsula for the east bayshore. already starting to max by heat the patchy fog along the bayshore. and clear skies by 10 temperatures are going to be chilly. still warmer. 37 in santa rosa, 36
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in napa. for the in the valleys, 30's and 40's for the bayshore. and take a look at the afternoon highs. 60's and 70's in the south bay. and 68 in the san jose. for the in the valleys, 66 in san leandro. 68 in pleasanton. low 60s closer to the coast. 60s along the a immediate coast and mainly 60s for the north bay. '70s in a santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast for the saturday we will start to cool. a dramatic cooling on a sunday and monday as a storm approaches. temperatures will be cooling with light rain on tuesday.
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>> the san francisco zoo has welcomed a new member to their family. they released these photos today of the baby sumatran tiger cub-- who was born this past sunday. the mother tiger leanne and cub are bonding in the lion house, which is closed to the public until further notice. the cub's gender is unknown until its first wellness examination to be conducted during the next two weeks. this birth represents the first tiger born at the sf zoo since 2008. still ahead. >> a golfer is bitten by a black widow.and still finishes her round gary has that story straight plus. the warriors head into the all star break on a five game losing streak.gary has reaction from the team, and all the sports, next! there is no mass-produced human.
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>> gary: the warriors reeling after another loss to the houston rockets last night, the warriors head into the all star break riding a 5 game losing streak, longest of the season during the losing streak the warriors have allowed an average of 118 points per game >> what is important for me
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is they can get a rest. >> they can use this next six or seven days to get rejuvenated and refocusedand for all the talk about defensive improvements the warriors still rank 25th in the league in points allowed at 101.2 ppg still, the warriors sit at 30-22, 6th in the west the head of duke's blue devil mascot was stolen and placed on a pole above a university of north carolina campus store prior to tonight's game between the two rivals at duke's cameron indoor stadium. duke confirmed one of it's mascot heads was stolen but that they have a spare last year, duke students dressed chapel hill's famous "silent sam" statue in blue devils gear sports
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with a golf tee and with a 74 >> the 49ers needed to win 12 games, the 111 games. and he only got 92 percent, when he needed to have 93 percent. >> it is like playing the lotto. when you only get four of a five numbers. >> maybe he should renegotiate. who is your agent? and action speaks louder than words. the national hockey league is viewing their fans as suckers raising their ticket prices 6% after the lock out. after they miss a couple of months they raise
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their prices by 6 percent the average price = $61. $51 for the nba. and $77 for a football and just one more time this cannu danela golfer this young lady they used a golf tee and finished the round. >> good night

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